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Welcome to Summit Custom Orthotics!

Licensed Orthotic Providers.
Accepted by ALL Insurance Providers
Prescriptions Provided Here!
Mobile Visits.
Free Home Delivery.
New 3D Foot Scanning Technology.
FREE Prescriptions

Health insurance plans require a Doctor's note to reimburse an orthotic claim. We provide a Doctor's Prescription free of charge for custom orthotics and compression stockings!  Summit Custom Orthotics guarantees approval for every orthotic claim.

LICENSED Custom Orthotic Specialists

Our providers are Certified Pedorthists and Chiropractors that specialize in lower-limb anatomy, biomechanical assessments, gait patterns.  Our certified practitioners offer mobile services and can assess you at your convenience, today!

We are COVID Safe!  We wear mask and gloves and ask that you wear a mask as a precautions to keep everyone safe.


MOBILE visits 

State of the art 3D Scanning technology makes it possible for us to come to you and scan your feet ONSITE within the GTA (Markham, Aurora, Scarborough, Vaughan, Toronto).  We perform a comprehensive gait and biomechanical analysis from the comfort of your own home. (or even just outside it!)

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Easy and Convenient    3-Step Service!

STEP 1: Book an appointment at (647) 371-1644 with a Licensed Orthotic Specialist. Our free consults can answer any questions you may have about custom orthotics. Or here if you'd prefer email.

STEP 2: After an appointment is made, our practitioners will come directly to your home and scan and assess your feet safely at your doorstep!

STEP 3: Our practitioners will come back in a week with custom orthotics made for your feet! He will ensure they fit in your shoes, collect payment, and provide you with all the documentation required for your insurance claim!

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Covered by Extended Health Benefit Plans!

We are recognized and covered by all insurance providers.

Claims are GUARANTEED* to get approved or your orthotics are free!

Your process your orthotic claim we will provide:

  1. Doctor's Prescription Provided (if required)

  2. Biomechanical & Gait Assessment

  3. 3D Scan of feet AND shoes for a tailored fit

  4. Orthotic Lab Manufacturing Letter

  5. Summit Custom Orthotic Invoice

There are NO extra fees to our service. Prices for our orthotics are the same if you were to go directly to the clinic.  Free adjustments (if necessary) are provided.​

Lighter. Stronger. Peak Performance.

Our Team
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We are Licensed Pedorthists!

What is a Pedorthist you ask? We are specialized foot care professionals with comprehensive knowledge on foot biomechanics, lower limb function and custom orthotic fabrication.  We make all our orthotics in house for a more customized and tailored approach to the shoes you wear year round!

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NEW EVA Custom Orthotics


Take your first steps with our incredibly light, durable and shock absorbing product. The natural shock absorbing properties of EVA material make it an easy choice for patients with foot pain or those looking for relief from hard, man-made surfaces.  These are ideal for active patients or those that spend long working hours on their feet.


Research-based evidence shows that compression socks and leggings can help reduce the buildup of lactic acid and aid with muscle recovery. They are ideal for prolonged standing, sitting and long distance travel since they help aid in the prevention of spider veins and swelling.

Compression garments are ideal for those who:

  • Sit or stand for long periods of time

  • Are pregnant

  • Suffer from tired, aching, or swollen legs

  • Are overweight

  • Have circulation ailments

  • Have had surgery

  • Are performance athletes

  • I’d say they are the perfect prescription for tired, achy legs

Compression Stockings are often covered by your Extended Healthcare Benefits as well! Please inquire with your insurance provider to find out if you are covered! You want to ask:


1) How much coverage do I have for compression stockings?

2) How many pairs am I covered for?

3) For how many years is my coverage?

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Phone: (647) 371-1644


Brampton  •  647-371-1644    78 Abell Drive, Brampton ON, L6V2V8

Brampton  •  647-371-1644    47 McMurchy Ave N, Brampton, ON, L6X1X5

Markham  •   647- 371-1644    89 Karma Rd, Unionville, ON, L3R 4S8

Markham     647- 962-4269    81 Anthony Roman Ave, Markham, ON, L6C0K5

North York  •  647-371-1644  •  678g Sheppard Ave E, North York, ON, M2K1B7

Thanks for submitting! 

We'll be in Touch Soon.

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